When Inspiration is transformed in Money

The main strenght of human is that is able to create from where the Creator ended. Those who are able to put their inspiration to work for them became like those creatives who learned that money were created like any good to satisfy a need and so money became actually the Value attached to them.

As our ancesters had all the food, tools,necesity related goods from nature,they do not need money to pay for them, so the gold has no value attached to this metal.Once this became a beautiful and no-degradated through time, it became interesting in making more beauty the appearence in the eyes as sparkling, being used as accessories and arhitectural design or for distinguish better the authority and power within a tribal community.

Once a transfer of those related gold made goods to others based on the skills of preserving the possession spirit or because appeable beautifulness related to those differentiated through these gold goods, the people learned that gold is affection vehicle. Once they do not has it anymore after long time, they felt less in power. So, they remembered the light sparkling when touched the gold and became inspired into find similar metals to which they transfered the same meaning of the gold to feel the same way like before they lost the gold.

Inspiration went further and those still in posession of gold felt they should even increase their power by exchange some in excess gold for get something they had missed in their tribal community compared with others. This stage money has a different value than affective one or power related symbol.

As gold seems a way to guarantee that their qualities doesn’t change through long time, some of gold preserved became attractive to be a good which is not consummed, so has a frequency of use very high compared with the goods for which they were used into exchange, so some inspired tribs found ways to get the gold back into their possesion even after they consummed those perishable goods provided in exchange of gold,as they were not so financial educated by that times about money value.

The gold was never MONEY, only convey the meaning attached to it by those having it in possession long time. Once the gold was easy to be carry from one place to another if it was not used in large quantity for design building or big accessories, those having it became target of those doesn’t have access to such metal and became threatened. For given up their fear to not loose it, they started to learn better skills like protect themself bettter when others tried to push them to get closer and take the gold from them. The security feeling was increasing and they put gold in more secured places, learned to fight and dissimulate gold through others not so attractive metal for jewellery or for building design, so they put their creativity into good reason to avoid became anymore a target in front more skilled into fighting.

Once the gold became a safe good for them to provide them power in front of others,they put the gold to work in their advantage by using it like evaluate all their power in terms of gold. So, gold=safe, power, protection, beautiness, security associated to possession for a given community.

Once only more gold make difference between different communities, some of them gathered around the gold mines to be able to protect themselfs through times to preserve their powerness in time.

Along evolution, money evolved like a necessity into protect large gold moves so the value of money became related to the gold.Those dealing with gold were considered privilleged in the eyes of those in authority to possess gold, based on discret skills they should be engaged into ensure protection and security of gold deposit access. Through time they received part of the gold as well as the possessors in return of their skills, as no money was available by that time or not developed financial instruments were availables or recognized by others community when they compared in terms of powerness, reachness or ability in providing their community other valuable goods.

Gold is a vehicle to preserve feelings which define better your strategy when motivational side of your life comes into a connexion with convertible quantity of gold you possess.

Do not ignore the Power of Gold into helping you get whatever money can not, but remember that Gold could make money you need when motivation of gold is less for you but is important for others!


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