Hidden Paradise of Romania unique tourism business attraction is a special lake having in the middle an inside fall

A hidden paradise, an unique touristic attraction especially for the crystalline colour of Vida lake with an inside fall in the middle. The beautiful landscapes, over twenty of caves for various trips along secular quietly vales, wildness forests, at prices for accomodations 3-4 times less compared with hotels within village small privateowned houses for guests, make t

he West part of Romania, near Oradea, a medieval town, a valuable destination for tourists for the diversity of activities, tours within the same county. Oradea offers also balneo-thermal Spa and is the nearest airport from Budapest, Hungary in case your flight escale requires an European or Intercontinental airline company

. As only romanian guides could help you to handle such trips, you might need some helpful advise to enjoy it. The Vida lake is in Dobroiesti village, near Red Valley (Valea Rosie).

Even for business investors trips Romania could became a long-stay than usual time for few additional few days within special county resorts or village to find the advantages of Romania. Half level of salary compared with EU or US, lese than 100 000 Euro prices of house, land, small agrifarm, the startup business or find a partners,  taxes just 16%,  the food prices is more or less 350 monthly, 50Euro monthly utilities, rent is around 250-500 monthly for 1 to 2 rooms, propertytax for 40m2 is around 50 Euro annually, or a dinner with drinks for two in a restaurant less than 20Euro. I worked in tourism and I visited also Europe to know to indicate you best local source of info where you to look before to understand.

Convince by yourself here:


As now Romania promoted a new low for land selling, you can explore individually with a map, your own budget, the photos, the landscape, the prices, drawing by yourself your own tours requireing your travelagent or touroperator what do you want from their offers: Start before to go there few websites to find the real figures before your eyes are catch in some beautiful commercial to save some costs:






Remember that residency of UE is important from the start of acquisition process , as trigger beneficiary is a local registered company through their members ownership till european fund access procedures for eligibles startup investment business plan and fesabillity study, identity cards and prove of residency along the development, delivering effectively funds and postaudit procedures which could may attract recall funds for any uncompliancy foundings after the initial documentation approvals by authorities or bank loans.

The main steps into acquisition is the ownership proves as succesor certificate, family or relatives, no under commercial disputes, or possibly the object of claims of a heritage related rights for a civilian cause in case of errors in estate advertising, as different national  systems of law within each UE countries withregardless the citizenship of investors origin or law appliable to an contractual between parties agreement.The social capital in nature or money, also previous experience is important before in terms of liquidity before the business run within the forecasting fesabillity plans to which additional european funds reglementations procedures are staying frontlines for eligibility with no alteration.


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