“BIHOR county of Romania, former part of Austro-Hungary- Similarities from Multiethnicity Traditional Art crossed culture: souvenirs, gastronomy, photography, home&garden, etimology of name, ethnographic

Do you know that the name of BIHOR county  from North Ardeal of Romania comes from the name of BIHAR county of Hungary? This is çause both was part of former Austro-Hungary imperium in the past times…

Most people named “bihoreni” have originis from mixtures of families locally or coming from others counties of North Ardeal -Transylvania of Romania, even from other parts of Europe, manu being named “maghiar”. Even the name of my grandparents village is “Gynta” as a hungarian one used not romanian…just because of this reason:). Being part of a mobility work force or migration within various counties the people had to make their lifes….even before the war, during or after the postwar times, under various regimes who succeeded till in present in Romania.

Any way, the beautiful part is that you can explore the charming of people by asking them “why is this?”‘, when you find that in the middle of some romanian kind of village there is an isolated one like that maghiar specific village “Gynta” in the proximity of a well-knowm area “TINCA” balneo resort where the people knew there is a treatment base where thermal water made that area to develop in time, even for a while it seems that this area still need some investors to evaluate the potential of development. As before 1989, the administrative base partaining to some organisation like UGSR- General Union of Synidicates who administrated the location or provide the acces to people part of syndicates to beneficiate of medical treatments through such bases, was split through various privatisation measures, distribution of responisibilites to local authorities through the City Hall,local consiliu,authorities etc. This beautiful,charming and interesting for the many stories related to the history of these part the Romania and about the people having direct origins and connection with it, still wait for reconsideration of his potential. Nowadays it looks like a cosmopolit area where there are also italian, greco-catholic, jewish communities, cultures, not only hungarian within the romanian actual borders.

Meaningfully planty of culture deriving from the history, good administration under the Budapest jurisdiction of Austro-Hungary Imperium, this area of BIHOR county fro Romania versus larger BIHAR county from Hungary, was interesting for various diversified ressources , Apuseni mountains proximity of those area where thermal water is the main attractivity for tourism, medical treatment. Many types of accomodation design in style similar to hungarian tourism named “panzio”‘ developed wihin the last 10 years around Oradea Baile Felix, Baile 1 Mai, letting the “TINCA” area somehow still waiting for right development.

Not by chance I was in searching of some documents related to this area of TINCA, Gynta land property where I noticed that the publicity related to imobiliar was very well preserved in hungarian language, while the romanian one had only partial records, as these were transleted partial or erronate from the original documents into romanian documents hold by local authorities. Some people, even me having ancestors originars from this area still looking for property rights, trying to find the old name of their relatives ancestors to prove the property rights the Romanian authorities should respect them.

Recently the attraction of various tourists toward the enigmatic Romania ardeal Transylvania opened the investion interest for these areas where the art is still preserved through traditional habitts of preparing the gastronomy, design for home, interior design, ware, of special decorative objects or home&garden peisagistic style preserved, photography, the life style similar to other specific counties from where similarities comes as Multethnicity is the main reason for which the transversal culture is present here over more than 100 years.

In the middle of a romanian area, an isle having an hungarian name like “Gynta” seems a little difficult to understand…maybe that’s why the people from Budapesta used to come here for visit and feeling like “home” as a beautiful plany of peace are is crossed by the river “Crisul Negru” where there is still the style of life untached by the urbanisation.

The old fashion type of preparing food, the brad, the cookis, the speciality of those originating from there is still present through some skilled people willing to share the tradition style of culture in various touristic resorts, international fairs, cultural initiatives, trainings hold by old people toward present generation to continuue these traditions which make them to feel better whenever they enjoy that kind, but also when they adopt also other elements dering from similar traditional, within their familiy culture, gastronomy, designs, music, homemade art.

The association of those having interests related to the land property rights, traditional cultural and origins partaining to this part named BIHOR could enlarge the perspectives, promoting these tourism attaraction and potential investment into the benefits of people having there the most family memories, goods, connections. More memberships would enhance relationships within those sharing common cultural traditional elements varying along the history within there places, by putting their efforts toghether though a base for this association. One is good, two is more than one, so let know others if they find a common interest into join to this association of those who might have origins from that area.

The association will help them to discover better their origin by making researches, by offering them the opportunity of knowing better the culture similarities, by joining through various cultural, tourism, volunteering or even business events where gastroculinar art cultur is one important way of knowing better the transversality sides of european origins of the BIHOR from Romana and similar areas prom proximty as BIHAR from Hungary.

Event related info, contacts or for association and projects related initiatives, please contact me directly through private message of Facebook: Appeableyou or Ana-maria Toma, Linkedin: Ana-Maria Toma Business Consultant 0040 757 032 255



3 thoughts on ““BIHOR county of Romania, former part of Austro-Hungary- Similarities from Multiethnicity Traditional Art crossed culture: souvenirs, gastronomy, photography, home&garden, etimology of name, ethnographic

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  2. Foarte interesant, cercetarea in arhive denota micsorarea sau marirea suprafetei in natura cat si pe hartie a judet.Bihor in 1943.Arhivele stau marturie la mai multe, pentru cine e interesat exista Arhivele Nationale si Arhivele Judetene in acest sens penru documentare, cercetare, dreptul proprietatii fiind imprescriptibil.
    Eu personal am terenuri in zona Gynta si alte terenuri adiacente in zona respectiva pana in Tinca, deci sunt direct interesata pe linie succesorala, administrativa si avocati competenti pentru restituirea proprietatii, chiar si in Ungaria daca e nevoie sa devin cetatean ungur numai sa intru in drepturi conform drepturilor succesorale, bunicii mei fiind refugiati pe timpul razboiului.
    La Arhivele Nationale Bucuresti gasiti referinte
    de ex.cota de inventar nr.1502-Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, Comisariatul general al Refugiatilor din Nordul Transilvaniei 1940-1946 (MAE) cu aceste documente gen harti si alte documente, carti deja bine documentate, se poate organiza si o organizatie de protejare a drepturilor cetatenilor cu minoritati multiple sau dezradacinati din alte judete pe timpul refugierii in timpul razboiului, ei si/sau membrii familiile lor, suferind in urma acelor acte administrative prin care li s-a stirbit dreptul de proprietate, au fost refugiati, persecutati, abuzati si administrativ sau sub alte forme, lagare, munca fortata, alte forme de abuzuri sub diverse regimuri succesive si pana in prezent nu si-au cunoscut istoria bunicilor, strabunicilor si nu si-au putut obtine drepturile din aceasta cauza nici pana in prezent sau doar partial.
    Eu ca persoana vatamata am identificat deja documente ce atesta ca bunica mea a fost refugiata, ca prim demers in sustinerea acestor drepturi in mod public, desi era originara din sat Gynta maghiar, nu a obtinut pe linie succesorala nici dupa razboi si nici mostenitorii de drept nu au putut intra in posesie terenuri din lipsa unor documente actualizate la Cartea funciara care e de competenta organelor administrative, Carte Funciara, Primarie, autoritati.Acum exista dreptul la informare publica, legea 544/2001 care da acces liber la informatii care tin de dreptul proprietatii, inclusiv a numelor si evidentelor populatiei din care reiese dreptul de succesiune,
    Legea 677/2001 art.12 dreptul la informare, art.13-dreptul accesul la date, art.14-dreptul de interventie asupra datelor gen rectificare/actualizare in vederea si a notificarii tertilor carora le-au fost dezvaluite datele daca acestiau au avut acces la acestea, art.15-dreptul de opozitie: Persoana vizata are dreptul de a se opune in orice moment in mod GRATUIT si fara nici o justificare, ca datele care o vizeaza sa fie prelucrate in scop de marketing direct, in numele operatorului sau al unui tert, sau sa fie dezvaluite unor terti intr-un asemenea scop(de ex.dreptul de a dispune asupra si dreptul de a transmite acele date prin pachete de servicii de date cu un operator de telefonie gen Vodafone voce, date, imagini pe suport cu dublu rol gen SIM, memorie hardware,memorii interne si externe asociate prin servicii informatice si telecomunicatii gen cloud, virtual private network, microfilme, filme, poze, servicii de VoiceoverIP si date, stocarea acestora in storage house, servicii de gazduire/hosting si prelucrare, editare date si informatii, consultarea acestora prin accesul angajatilor sau terti sucontractanti, tracking/audit de date in scopul obtinerii indirecte de date pentru acces ca probe in justitie, procese, business affaires si in scop comercial si de marketing, etc conform contracte incheiate la distanta in sucontractari de servicii de roaming, Virtual etc, tert fiid persoane juridice d drept privat sau public, un minister care tranzactioneaza date autorizate prin servicii publice si/sau private, administratie, cu exceptia justitiei, autoritatii antitero, de supraveghere si reglementare, prevenire cercetare, reprimarea a infractiunilor si mentinere a ordinii publice precum si al altor activitati desfasurate in domeniul dreptuui penal pentru anu se prejudicia eficienta actiunii sau obiectivul urmarit in indeplinirea atributiilor legale ale autoritatilor publice, de ex: in cazul abuzului autoritati se poate demara procedura si ancheta penala pe linia avocatului poporului, ministere de resort cu competente de autoritate a cauzelor implicate etc) din motive intemeiate si legitime legate dee situatia particulara(ex.protectie drepturi patrimoniale succesorale si a persoanei, inclusiv profesie si imagine profesionala, de familie din familie de ofiteri in raport cu concurentii la succesiune, alti ofiteri cadre si membrii de familie, colegi din profesia defunctului sau persoanelor mostenitoare) pentru invocarea de prejudicii profesionale si in legatura cu piedici in deschiderea succesiunii prin demersurile legale de inventariere a drepturilor patrimoniale in raport cu concurentii la mostenire, chiar si stat, persoane juridice publice si private, prin locurile de munca profesionale ale defunctului asociate prin subrogare de drepturi ale defucntului pe linia reconstituirii integrale a drepturilor de proprietate, a drepturilor patrimoniale inclusiv ca apartenenta la minoritati multietnice in cazul in care abuzul autoritatilor au determinat ca parti vatamate prin acte administrative sa revendice drepturile defunctului, respectiv ale membrilor familiei de grad 1 prin protectia minoritatilor etnice de nationalitate romana sau sa invoce discriminare pe motive multietnice in raport cu alti cetateni romani si cetateni ai Uniunii Europene sau in raport cu alte state la care Romania este semnatara a unor tratate internationale de recunoastere a drepturilor de proprietate, de succesiune, ale drepturilor familiei, dreptul la viata, la munca, la sanatate si asigurari sociale, dreptul la siguranta persoanei, securitate personala si asigurarea integritatii persoanei, ale drepturilor omului pentru defunct si membrii familiei sale in cazul unor legi speciale specifice care reglementeaza sfera protectiei cetatenilor romani care lucreaza in strainatate legea 156/2000 actualizata 2009.Codul nou civil roman prevede art.1355 raspunderea pentru prejudiciile cauzate integritatii fizice, psihice, sanatatii care nu poate fi inlaturata sau diminuata decat in conditiile legii, art.1391 prevede repararea prejudiciului nepatrimonial asociat in astfel de spete complexe in raport cu prejudiciul cauzat, art.1349 referitor la raspunderea civila delictuala, art.1381 se refera la definirea obiectului reparatiei, respectiv obligatia de reparatie integrala.
    Plangeri la arhivele nationale,direct sau prin reprezentanti la ANSPDCP anspdcp@dataprotection.ro, sau arhiveadministrative.an@mira.gov.ro
    Lg.677/2001 Art.17 Dreptul de a nu fi supus unei decizii individuale: Orice persoana are dreptul de a CERE si de OBTINE:
    – retragerea sau anularea oricarei decizii care produce efecte juridice in privinta sa , adaptata exclusiv pe baza unei prelucrari
    de date cu caracter personal, efectuata prin mijloace automate, destinate sa evalueze competenta personala, credibilitatea,
    comportamentul sau ori alte asemenea aspecte
    – reevaluarea oricarei alte decizii luate in privinta sa, care o afecteaza in mod semnificativ, daca decizia a fost luata exclusiv pe baza unei prelucrari de date care intruneste conditiile de mai jos

    Orice doritor care sa ma sustina in promovarea infiintarii acestei asociatii in Bucuresti, respectiv Bihor si zone adiacente, inclusiv atragerea de fonduri publice, private, sponsorizari, proiecte si membrii parte la aceasta organizatie interesati direct de aceste drepturi, inclusiv avocati internationali, case de avocati care sa sustina aceste interese, sa reprezinte asociatia si membrii acestora in urma unei documentari si evaluari serioase a fiecarui caz de acest gen similar, ma poate contacta direct mesaj privat Facebook,
    Linkedin Ana-Maria Toma-
    Business Consultant, annette28ro@yahoo.com 0757 032 255

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