Expo EVENT Communication DAY Discovery Aviation Photograph ENIGMA Photo-documentary Women Bucharest Movie Projector in ARCUB, FERDINAND I Museum FORT3 Otopeni 11-12 July 2015

ENIGMA Expo EVENT “Communication DAY”
Discovery Doldy PHOTO Women Bucharest “FORT3 OTOPENI”11-12 July 20151655755_10206375925826927_3543729257596642825_o

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005


INVITATION 11 – 12 July 2015 The Open days at the Museum of Communication and Information, National Museum
Sos.Bucuresti Ploiesti, km 12.5
70 YEARS from the end of the Second Mondial War

1873= 14 IULY = 2015

Mainly manifestations:
Photo-documentary Exposition – “History of communication and Information “guns”, images and documents and ENIGMA encrypting mechanism equipment
Parade of epoch uniforms (…and photos could be brought)
Fanfare music, army marsh and famous songs from the famous national and international repertory from the war times

Stand fair of economic agents of profiles/book/associations/clubs,
Educational offers from the instructions institutions and academics studies the “gun”: Communications and in formations
The collections Fairs “Militaria”
Walking on the little horses “small dorobanti”,tir
Camp Kitchen gastronomy-distribution of “food ration of war”
Contributions to researches-development-documentary Vol.II “The Gold Book of the Romanian Wings” after 1941,

Virtual Albumphoto and stories related to communication
are availables on my
Facebook/Ana-maria Toma           PhotoAlbums name:  Stacheta in Business Aviation,Training and Traditional Roots
Facebook/Asociatia “Supravietuitorii de Elita din Ardeal”    Photos
Facebook/Appeableyou       Photos



The contributions of researchers, personal, associations, veterans etc, others acquaintances, relatives or neighborhood people could contribute to the development of the book Vol.II
“Cartea de Aur a Aripilor Romanesti” after1941 /”The Gold Book of Romanian Wings” after 1941, similar stories about aviator officer family related army officer members to pursue their careers and put them into the history books about them, could contact those authors, editing producers of Academy or myself through my Facebook, blog, emails, events, book launching, magazines etc to be able to corroborate the useful pieces of documents, photos, international conferences, others links where there is documented about significant personalities like alumni, professors,commandants.

Aviation Army Officer, former alumni at National Academy Carol I, originating from Bihor county (NV Romania ) – the Gynta village having a history from 1213: my father TOMA I.Mihai, his father TOMA IOAN army officer too, during the events of war, after helped to the protection of civilians, was further captured as prisoner in Odessa-to Ural Siberia when everybody declared his death after the personal emails correspondence with the wife’s family lines were missed about him, initially being declared disappeared, after a while coming back to his family healthy an alive after he suffered a shutting, get recovered into a hospital there in Siberia and took back a train later.Still researches related to the route he had is in researches to find out together with similar “The Mountains Hunters” -The First Army from where they fighted to help people to survive in North Ardeal, Gynta along his way till Odessa-Sevastopol-Ural-Siberia till returning to his family.

Any references/referrals related to this could help my documentary, so please advise me about links or stories already documented about this county army history documented/sources/cadres/name/blogs sources etc even Budapest archives etc or Kiev could be accessible for similar refugees people who asked colonization within Romania after 1944 in Ardeal North BIHOR, Timisoara, Maramures, Salaj ,Cluj, Lugoj, Tulcea. These are also useful to enhance cultural programs improvement relationships along crossing trans-borders when people got the new “houses, lands” once theirs ones were confiscated,or left behind once they got the refugees status to survive the I, II wars,emigrations, persecutions regims before 1924 or after 1944.

A part of history of what happened during the war time related to some village documentary was posted on.


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