Secrets sharing with you guys…music, beer, movie, cars, strong feelings, love and more secrets about man and woman

Shania Twain – I’m Gonna Getcha Good!

Hi Guys, you are now on my page.If you like it or not, it is a question of choice…No matter the fact that you are in richness or in poorness…let’s say you are here around the earth looking for appropriate conversation, appropriate woman or two, some beers new brands, eventually a woman sharing same tastes for car, looking for some tricks and tips with your friends guys to share new experiences, eventually like ‘Top Gun”, “Top Actrices”, “Top Brand Corporations”,”Top Secrets”,”Top Aircraft”,”Top Models” …some “Prizes”…your mum taking care of you each time when you made mistakes forgiving you with a kind smile on her face:).

One I got the idea what you looking for…I could help you to get some…but you better know that You Guys, you really need a woman around you to tackle your inners feelings by saying you exactly what you is absolutely necessarily to do for her too… This is your key to her…actually as long as you are useful for satisfying first her needs, in particularly speaking, she would know how to say to each of one capable of satisfying her needs what eventually he forget to do. Once they start to communicate each others their needs, the relationships evolves as long as he is capable of satisfying her needs…Once she is satisfied…the relationship stop into the Man do not stop to satisfy your woman, every day, every hours and every available free time enjoying each others ones.

The point is that you are on my site, meaning you are looking exactly for the best choice of the site where to find the right news to go further into your inners plans and exploring the other faces of expressions of needs you are actually most attracted by through visuals, through visiting her, through looking for someone or just enjoying the same experiences together. Let’s suppose that one is already became your wife…

Once the status changed between two of you…is exactly like before the wedding…you  look for satisfying first her needs…she actually expressing her needs over what you already filled in once got married…so, do not return back in time before marriage, still keep your best efforts to keep your marriage alive, as the needs are shared together toward a common path…so more efforts are done in the first stage to communicate the needs through the new expressions related to the new context within the relationship evolve as couple comparing with two friends let’s say without any engagement.

It is like a dance…the better go one, the better the pair of dancers is qualified to the “best relationships in top “district”, “town”, “county”,”country”, “regional”, “districtual federative state”, “continent”, the “world”…more learning skills to better responsiveness to the demanding woman…meaning you are the best for her, otherwise she would go out to look for new one to cover quickly her needs…

A little story about MeN secret:

Mr.Courage  ) “Hi, could you tell me about your last performance with a women? “asked his friend

Mr. Righty  replied:)…Oh, no, no, no, No way to get answer to you dear my friend. I am one of the little gentlemens still on the Earth and my inner EGO tell me to rest like this, one in the scarcy kind of most women looking for such a man like me, very gentle and discret when comes about a love’affaire I a willing to stay on the top of their prefference, so I  will not satisfy your couriosity at all…as otherwhile they will  never find me so attractive and unique and ready to offer them at least this part of me which is not so plenty of the egocentrism like MEN usually are.

Mr.Courage:) “Wow, I seeee……. You’ve just told me the answer I needed to hear that most of the time you are busy with what do you think the women looking for into finding about you like you are the Mister Righty for them when about their dreams, their unfullfilled dreams and their plenty of pleasent moments to share when they are alone, bored, without any meaning in their life an dyou are the one you provoque them to learn how the plenty of joyness the life is with you, am I right?

Mr.Righty:) Well dear my closest friedn you are the other side of my EGO, which do not want to hear that doesn’t matter for a women how righty is a man for them as long as you do not make them to understand you better even than yourself when wrong or right you are doing in  front of the woman you choose to play your cards with.

Mr.Courage:) Really, it is exactly what I am trying to say to you as well as to all women I meet when with you, as long as you missed the courage nothing will follow and no women will follow you to discover your good parts to became Mister Rughty for at least one of them…the others one will allways compare you with those before and at least you have the chance to be the best in their top as you have the courage to turn on their life into what they did not know before that Mr.Righty could change for her…without any fear that your courage will be lost “in between the passage” from what you think and what that woman think about you as being Mr.Righty for her:)

NOW let me tell you guys that WOMEN will always look good in front of a car but better inside the car, driving also the most sexy car in the city she would receive like a gift from that man which like to choose the most attractive car when about give a first day to the women who catch his breath by her charming and the most beatiful voice, laugh, body and others perks included in case there is a men who already offer the same to her in terms of as much he offer himself in terms of living in a house, driving a car everyday, eating and amount of time spending with her and taking care of her…

On the other side believe me, a women seeing a men that missed the fact that she is not a cardriver to drive his life back to life of originating from his mother nature, to be able to feed him and to feed his daily and nights thoughts and feedding him with the good manners he had but lost as he doesn’t want anymore to remember about them, despite to the fact that you like a woman has this temptation for  the sake of making his life less misserable than the others women did to him before let him like this, leting him deepening into his black hole of jerk side in a relationship with a women, meaning that his hearted feelings only his mother could ever nurturing him, is meaning that is time to run away till is not too late to find a generous man who at least knows to make the difference between a car which made at least 40000 km and still good to keep it with less time and spending cost or energy about maintenance, going to services and looking for some spare parts replacement for even half of the life time amortization fees, instead of trying to fix that “plenty of ego and bad feeling accumulation damages into one man”….

Woman is as happy as a man when turn on the eyes on the street seeing the car she feel very attracted. Is like YES I want it, an inner voice telling to her that “I must HAVE it” and not other one car…It is the same like being so in control and confortable knowing that you have the most speedy car which not ley you down when you are in the most need o f a car, it is like you choosed the most beautiful way of passing through noises of the street, the stress of running between two places where it might be your next challenge in which you have to put all your passions to deliver your best services all your life you were trained and motivated to achieve it all times. You will be so happy to admir that the work of an engineering and a mechanic and a painter is the whole essence of letting you as women to be the driver without yto depend on the bad manner of your friend or bed lover which always find a reason to refuse to you anything from your happiness till the car you wish to have for take a walk when your souls are in that part of the days or night looking for the most comfortable way of find theirself sides while driving…like best in class spiritual way of claiming in front of the other one that put all they have in the same hourglass of their quality time and meanings about their life toghether. Of course it is about the family car category which could be sport or classic…exactly like a couple of engine could make the difference within your relationship too: because could tell you how much your relationship is valued in terms of one or another value as individual despite the relatonship in itself…

Trial and errors….and much more eros but do you know how much quality the cars and aircrafts involves nowadays when competition and fast food and times so fas could fly? It is about the quality of how you relate to your life, to your woman, to your car, to your aircraft…as you know how much passion put an engineer into gave life to a bucnh of metal and mechanics while his relationship is not mechanic at all, but as every mchanism there are parts of egos, of relationship, of minds and feelings they are looking for you to put them at the right place, hidding the wrong ones till some paintings will make them to look again beautifull for the eyes of who’s in charge with “some maintenance” or “just fix some parts a little mismatched within the logical flux of things and the events woud like to happen in someones life, once some brocken or non-quality events on th eflux of life’s matching events with the others social-events or business-events or professional-events…but stillI am in need of that car,e ven I noticed also others much more beautiful or new brands version and tunning cars…I need that one and I have seen all the cost I might had to spend by having it, running it everyday and I want to make the most value of my money I could afford to make my life more happiest by having and beneficiating by all advantages of having that car I am most in the feeling of need. NOW. An dI know that if the sales car will offer me a whole range of colours I know that despite will be msot probable that will not have my colour I have in mind once I noticed THAT car, ok I will say no and wait till they will order one for me exactly likeTHAT one: yellow-brightness because it is noticable even during the evening times so everybody will notice my car every moment of the day or night when taking a ridding with my car which best reflec my potential, my style, my whole career and lifestyle I never had courge to say to everybody about what I was dreaming for all my life till now when finally is mine and I am there, inside, feeling the fine courves of the stylish designer who put his creativity to work for a lot of people to enjoy such a beatiful part of hour modern life:driving, driving, driving, so comfortable feeling as is the pleasent time when relaxiing and sleeping in the arm of the most loveing women having the most addorable words to say to the man returned home tired after a busy day or tough contract negotions sessions with some difficult clients but happy about driving such a car even when is not dreaming is about dreaming of have it and being in the ownership of that car.

Yes, the women would say that a man finding such a woman would buy her immediately that car her to keep it more near him as soon as he is generous enough to not share that women with one of his best friend: Mr.Righty from the first joke I already told you above.:)

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