“BIHOR county of Romania, former part of Austro-Hungary- Similarities from Multiethnicity Traditional Art crossed culture: souvenirs, gastronomy, photography, home&garden, etimology of name, ethnographic

“BIHOR county of Romania, former part of Austro-Hungary- Similarities from Multiethnicity Traditional Art crossed culture: souvenirs, gastronomy, photography, home&garden, etimology of name, ethnographic.

Happy Birthday Lady, Happy Birthday to my little baby blog borned 1 year ago, is named


Happy birthday also to my little baby blog borned 1 year ago,

Is a happy event to share with you how easy is to find a way to grow up a baby or a blog. It is like you have two babies once, as you need to take care of you and youre baby and another one in the sametime. The second baby is the alternative page of my blogpage, as “sinectic” club concept was the initial idea for sharing toghether the various subjects and themes through my personal blog.

For any business proposal, lawyers, business affaires you can contact me through personal contact detailes. The confidential message through this blog page could be settle based contractual formal agreements terms signed before using this alternative means of direct contact through email requests sendings for concret consultancy business projects, investments, offers, lawyers, mediators and settlements proposals.


Thank you for keeping alife every word, thoughts, party, smile with a women like me, as long as you are interested of visiting this blog  sharing knowledges, interests, business proposals, news, entertainment and chearish life:)



World Council of Credit Unions WOCCU membership include the only organization with the statut of FEDCAR from Romania, being also member of European Credit Union Network ENCU with Bruxell headquarter

FEDCAR The federation of Reciprocity Help Houses, an association set up in 2004 as private juridic entity, where part of it is originated from C.A.R. The House of Reciprocity Help initiated before 1990 and after once the monopol hold by communist and sindicates was brocken down,having FEDCAR a new association with 20 members, 43 mil.Euro in active, others protocols of collaboration with cultural association ASTRA, national federation OMENIA.

There are also affiliates from local and central authorities, financial institutions, others institutions internal and internationales, using PEARLS prudential financial indicators system for financial reporting, BNR protocol signed with regard centralized reports of financial data of their members.

The professionalism of their members, training and qualification of their employees made de Director Council to initiate a partnership having as aim to improve the performance, incresse the financial discipline and to offer counselling through consultancy advices, looking for affiliates having the institutional and financial capacity of candidates at least at minim standard of FEDCAR, the quality of human ressources of each membership for minim of superior economic studies for their managers, so they are involved in organizing constantly training courses for their employees and memberships director councels and affiliates to maintain a high level of knowledges and to be able to forward the solutions for every financial weakness related to an ecquilibrium situation


Important European countries in the mondial top for ranking “best country to live”, Romania increasing on the scale, Germany quoted first one

According to the news posted on october 2014, after the winner of Mondial Cup was qualified for “excellence  in sport” in higher superior category, a reputate researcher who brought important contribution to a report, the international important events changed the opinion into the reevaluation of ranking for 50 countries, mentioning that thre are factors that combined based on the values of a nations, such exports, gouvernment, culture, people, tourism, emmigration, investments or “global peace and security” influence the ranking points, making that Germany to be rated on first place in the world, changed also the perception over the leadership of the economy and echilibrium in politic of this country.

To not forget  that once the”the wall of Berlin” was brocken, in 1989 Romania changed also the trend, even p

art of Germany, Romania and others countries from proximity of those were members of the International Economique Union like INTERCHIMFIBRE, where business partnerships were developed as friends countries for many years ago, starting from 1974, as international treaty agreements ratified by the memberships, as based on law appropriate to nation country and others factors correlated to advantages emerged from those commercial, labor related employees, facilities, taxes and potential of evolution of those relationships with others partners from various others kind of countries from former UE, NAFTA, EFTA, others regional unions etc.