Important European countries in the mondial top for ranking “best country to live”, Romania increasing on the scale, Germany quoted first one

According to the news posted on october 2014, after the winner of Mondial Cup was qualified for “excellence  in sport” in higher superior category, a reputate researcher who brought important contribution to a report, the international important events changed the opinion into the reevaluation of ranking for 50 countries, mentioning that thre are factors that combined based on the values of a nations, such exports, gouvernment, culture, people, tourism, emmigration, investments or “global peace and security” influence the ranking points, making that Germany to be rated on first place in the world, changed also the perception over the leadership of the economy and echilibrium in politic of this country.

To not forget  that once the”the wall of Berlin” was brocken, in 1989 Romania changed also the trend, even p

art of Germany, Romania and others countries from proximity of those were members of the International Economique Union like INTERCHIMFIBRE, where business partnerships were developed as friends countries for many years ago, starting from 1974, as international treaty agreements ratified by the memberships, as based on law appropriate to nation country and others factors correlated to advantages emerged from those commercial, labor related employees, facilities, taxes and potential of evolution of those relationships with others partners from various others kind of countries from former UE, NAFTA, EFTA, others regional unions etc.