“The Empire of the Senses” – a new event to endulge your senses and recreational experiences.”The Empire of the Wines”origins brands of wines regions from countries, your next empire to explore: taste

“The Empire of the  Senses” – a new event to endulge your senses and learn your tastes even about recreational experiences.The first session November-December 2016


Let’s start in Geneva, Paris, Bucharest, Oradea is


Firstly comes “The Empire of the Wines” – Which brands of wines originated from one region or another of a given country are entitled to become your next empire to explore?

It is well known that the french people enjoy to learn others the model of civilization: how to prepare and how to taste a wine and food, how a good food should be first eaten by the eyes firstly, than to conquer your primarly five senses one by one…slowly.

And the people Genevians will speak french also but they most probably will enrich the class for your styles of tastes with the high prestige they earned for the quality of the life, wellness,well-being and of course of wine…and a huge expatriate community so you could became friend of honest-to-goodness native Genevois.

Bucharest- the plenty of events where expats enjoy their senses, is also ready to became a little empire of your senses, that’s up to you!

Oradea -the residency of the BIHOR county- the “little new arrival” in the jewlery chain of Transylvania, like Sighisoara or Sinaia, has it’s own particularly history and recently passed through an Art Nouveau rejuvenation process, while the updated old stories with prince and princesses, old forts and chavaliers and kings of Hungary, of Luxembourg , old wines by 1400 Holod and Vintere winery and cave which took the road of the Rome and Buckingham by that times endulging the senses at a royal level.

Hodis(Hydas) a BIHOR county-Transylvanie location,a basilique of Tãmasda, the Pons Thome (Podul lui Toma) a documented issued by 1241, a deutsche little market not too far away from Holod district, other old documents  testifing that  Mihai Viteazul crossed that village on his route to the Oradea, by 1600. the name of the villages here has all their roots in the history related to these places: Holodul and Hodişul remind us about the old possesion of Hydas. Vintere name remind us about the “vin-tare”(translated as “strong wine”) a local regional wine of ” Dealul Viilor” region where for few secoles was the episcopal grecque catholique winery, a very appreciated wines supplier for the St.Peter’s Basilice of Rome, for the Buckingam Palace and many european nobiliary families. The workers were brought here for the winery work settled up the Vintere village in the Hydas-HOLOD district , having a very suggestive name:Vin-tere = vin tare, meaning
“strong wine”. The vestiges of the old caves of the winery are still present to be explored even the winery still waiting for a “rejuvenation process”.

(page 42)

…lastly, but not in the end, jump into a thermal resorts in the proximity of one or another town either Geneve, France or in Oradea  Art Nouveaux  town and Thermal waters suroundings (around 5 km of border with Hungary)- the “Baile 1 Mai” resort, “Baile Felix”, “Baile 8 May”  or maybe a new ideea of Holod-Gyanta new thermal village resort to invest in developmment for future exploring ideas…

to take also a stress-relieving swim sessions, by your own choice or at a group level teambuilding Rehearsal Dinners for a local rehearsel dinners Venues for an apetizzing  Rehearsal Dinner Themes and savory wines in a best matche for your senses…in

France, Switzerland, Romania-Oradea-just in proximity of Hungary, Austrich, Germany, Italy in the centre of “The Old Europe-An Old Madame” willing to teach you the good manners to endulge your all senses.


The THEMES could be related also to your next businesslunch or family and friends events even when to share about your next projects plans for the future years or just simply to celebrate any event in a different manner when you were used to do, as every town we suggest to you for the start-up sessions has already took-up a rejouvenation step further as you indeed do every New Year in your Life even for a wedding style you are adviced as well as in a way of learning and enjoying LiVe, LeArn, LeAve, LoVe LiFe – a special one.


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Invitation for passioned Drivers in need of ownership of their best car
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A least ONE CAR need a WOMAN to make a MAN to take a look to it!

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InvitationRougeCarGift VeloCar voitures-asiatiques-mazda-rx8-big MazdaRx8Wallpaper

PRIME TIME news Sexappeal Profile target eInternational Lectures Training Sessions Retreatment or Teambuilding…Tourism or Break-city Events in Romania UE

PRIME TIME news Sexappeal Profile target eInternational Lectures Training Sessions Retreatment or Teambuilding…Tourism or Break-city Events in Romania UE.

MONEY, BONUSES, PERKS Referral Program Get in touch toghether

MONEY, BONUSES, PERKS Referral Program Get in touch toghether.

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Ambassador of Peace in International North Ardeal.

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