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AIESEC International Organisation Celebration 25 years Event now in Bucharest Romania Alumni are invited!

International organisation for 25 years in Romania…From the beginning to present Alumni shared their experiences along their studies…Let’s check the agenda on 24th October 2015!Share within your friends!


MONEY, BONUSES, PERKS Referral Program Get in touch toghether

MONEY, BONUSES, PERKS Referral Program Get in touch toghether.

MONEY, BONUSES, PERKS Referral Program Get in touch toghethe

20150723_112709 (2)Employee referral programs: refer potential candidates to job openings e-Consultancy Services Website use agreement:concluding e-contract distance based

Dears Recruiters, Executives, You will pay less in a referral BONUS than classified ads



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ENIGMA Expo EVENT “Communication DAY” Discovery Doldy PHOTO Women Bucharest “FORT3 OTOPENI”11-12 July 2015

http://www.fitnesscamp.org http://www.campbell.army.mil/https://www.facebook.com/FortCampbell FORT CAMP DAVIS undefined

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ENIGMA Expo first time EVENT “Communication DAY” Discovery Women Doldy Bucharest “FORT3 OTOPENI”11-12 July 2015


Pullman 2014 Bucharest Beaujolais Nouveau International Event where the wine, gastronomy, music and dance gave the guests the best atmosphere of friendships for french, expats, romanian to join into a Gala evening for celebrating the Fete Beaujolais now in Bucharest Romania, Saturday 22 November

Pullman 2014-