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ENIGMA Expo EVENT “Communication DAY” Discovery Doldy PHOTO Women Bucharest “FORT3 OTOPENI”11-12 July 2015

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ENIGMA Expo first time EVENT “Communication DAY” Discovery Women Doldy Bucharest “FORT3 OTOPENI”11-12 July 2015


Pullman 2014 Bucharest Beaujolais Nouveau International Event where the wine, gastronomy, music and dance gave the guests the best atmosphere of friendships for french, expats, romanian to join into a Gala evening for celebrating the Fete Beaujolais now in Bucharest Romania, Saturday 22 November

Pullman 2014-



Meet others InterNations in Bucharest October 2014, official event into a select location, boutique hotel

http://www.internations.org/events/view/internations-bucharest-october-2014-official-networking-event:::87982?utm_source=facebook_post&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=bucharest&utm_campaign=bucharest_event_14_october_1Your exigent style will be seduced by the inedit elegant conception of a boutique and arhitectural hotel. Your networking business contact will take chance of meet up others expats which shares best impressions about quality time you can enjoy in Bucharest and find out about the most attractive places you should not miss if enjoy few days in the town.
Internations is officialy present in Bucharest now!Better to know in advance before a city-break, for tourists, expats or business people, or invite your foreign partner for a quality networking evening in the centre of Bucharest.
If you are an art lover, you could discover an inedit boutique concept hotel for reward your senses too.
You are for a short trip in this part of Europe or are you looking for a good place for a short talk or a special lunch? Perform your socialization or businese contact at higher rates of your quality time.http://www.internations.org/events/view/internations-bucharest-october-2014-official-networking-event:::87982?utm_source=facebook_post&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=bucharest&utm_campaign=bucharest_event_14_october_1