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Mistery of Romania Dacian ancients and Secret City fortress beneath Sarmisegetuse the size of Bucharest may lead the site became UNESCO protected and great tourist center

Transylvania origin of the center-west part of Romania is a great attraction for both romanian and foreigners especially for the mistery of Dacian fortresses from Deva town proximity, Gradistea site where Sarmisegetuse is related to archaeological discoveries of a huge architectural complex civil-military and arhitectural compact with multiple cores, spread over 200 square kilometers, rich in gold and background history or sanctuarity with many Dacian civilization. Located in Mountains Orastiei, the area is extremely beautiful for the rivers, valleys, landscapes.There are premises to becames UNESCO protected for promoting cultural tourism based on old Charpatian Dacian king ancient settlement within Europe actual Romania basement. This site tell in both romanian and english about these discoveries giving ideas about skills availables within this kingdom thousands year ago and the knowledge about the origin of nations development early stages within Europe. http://themirrorofdarkness.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/orasul-secret-de-sub-sarmizegetusa-de-marimea-bucurestiului/